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Jurassic Park University

First day of work. The rickshaw ride from my apartment to the university took about 25 minutes. I told the driver to let me off at the main entrance, indicated by two hinged iron gates and a security shack with a guard outside with his back turned, hunched over a table scribbling into a notebook. The road into the institute campus was lined by a cascade of intense vegetation—towering trees with twisting trunks, red-orange flowers dotting the canopy a hundred feet in the air, undergrowth thick with ferns and grasses tan and green, clusters of bamboo stalks and palm leaves sprayed from jagged stems. This place is a jungle. The gate might as well have been a massive wooden arch with the inscribing: JURASSIC PARK.

I felt it equally likely I might at any instant be swung into the air by a swooping Indian Tarzan as attacked from behind by a pack of velociraptors.

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Indian Summer

I’m going to India for the summer to write about the Indian space program. When I tell people that, most first say something like, “wait, India has a space program?”

(Actually the first response I got was: “wait, don’t they poop in the streets there?”)

Yes. Yes, they do have a space program (I can’t comment on the latter… yet). India plans to become the fourth nation on Earth to send a human being into space and they’re about four years away from doing so (after Russia—which was the Soviet Union at the time—the U.S., and China). Their space efforts in 2012 might be akin to the American space program of 1957, four years before Alan Shepherd became the first American in space. Except, NASA wasn’t even founded until 1958. And the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has been around since 1969.

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