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I'm an Explorer, Engineer, Writer, Public Speaker, and Entrepreneur. I write about exploration, travel, and science. 

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Eaters of Meat, Tests of Excellence

"Our civilization, bequeathed to us by fierce adventurers, eaters of meat and hunters, is so full of hurry and combat, so busy about many things which perhaps are of no importance, that it cannot but see something feeble in a civilization which smiles as it refuses to make the battlefield the test of excellence." James Joyce


India... We Have a Problem

I like to think I’m an explorer. My parents can attest. It probably started when I was about three and they gave me a Big Wheel—the little bikes kids get before they graduate to the tricycle (see below).

My Big Wheel explorations were mostly just me trying to escape the clutches of my (very patient and loving) parents. I wasn’t very fast at first, especially before my legs could reach the pedals and my dad had to attach wood blocks to them so I could reach. But they humored me, let me escape just far enough before reigning me in and I got to explore the neighborhood.

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Explore. Serve. Create. Inspire. Defend.  

Why those words under my name on this site? Why didn’t I pick “Cower. Laze. Manipulate. Indulge. Sabotage”?

Well, that came in a close second. I picked the five words I did after several years of failure at becoming a gypsy in order to read my own future and cast a net of success forward in time to capture all that is sweet and worthy and satisfying in what we call the American Dream. 

How do you plan for happiness in life? It’s a simple question but no two answers are the same. Maybe some people know this intuitively. Not me. I don’t claim to know it very well now but I do know it starts with a quote from a very smart guy who figured this out long, long ago:

“Know thyself.” -- Socrates (who was most likely quoting an earlier Greek sage, most likely Thales)

Damn. How could a guy get famous over just two words? I’ve got five. That probably means I’m destined to a life of relative obscurity and grave verbosity. Oh well, that’s the best I can do.

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