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Why I Like Stars


I just picked up a book that has sat on my shelf or in moving boxes for the past eight years: Rocket Dreams, by Marina Benjamin. I don't know why I picked it up. I do this from time to time when walking past my book shelf and I never really know what compels me to do so. Maybe there's an invisible hobbit or leprechaun sitting on my shoulder whispering commands in my ear, I don't know.

I paged through the book, stopping on a star with a circle around it written in pencil next to a paragraph where Benjamin writes about the philosophy of spaceflight, citing french scientist turned philosopher, Gaston Bachelard.

"Intent on pinning down the psychic tic that leads us to look toward the vast heavens for personal meaning, Bachelard suggested that there exists a correspondence between external immensity and inner intensity. When someone meditates on the infinite universe, he argued, something of its grandeur is conferred on him or her, and he or she experiences an expansion of being. In this quasi-religious state, the mind, freed from its own kind of gravity, is able to experience a new purity. Probing deep space thus becomes akin to searching for one's soul."

Ahh. So that's why I like stars.

It's ALLLL making sense now.

In related news, I'm eternally thankful for making notes in books I know I'll keep for years and years for just this reason.

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