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MIT Science Writing: Fall 2011 Summary

My first semester of grad school at MIT was a whirlwind. After the gut-wrenching decision to leave all my friends and colleagues at NASA for the year to come to Boston (note: there was no gut-wrenching involved with leaving the city of Houston), adjusting to a new lifestyle in a strange city took me back, almost to the same feeling as studying in another country. The program I'm in is the Graduate Program in Science Writing, and it's a one-year Master's program designed to give students tools to write about science, engineering and technology for general audiences.

Most of my writing from the semester is on the MIT Scope webpage- the online publication of this program. A couple pieces are awaiting *potential* publication in real deal magazines, so I won't post them here yet.

In just a couple months, I've had a chance to interview scientists in California, New York, England, Brazil, and Germany (that one was at 2am Eastern time- no idea how I asked anything intelligent during that one), and I've written about everything from coffee fungus sex to whether NASA's mission control was ever planned to be located in Cambridge instead of Houston (it wasn't). The first semester had a journalism focus and it sounds like the second semester will be geared more toward essay, documentary, and a ~10,000 word thesis. Can't wait!

Here's what I did over the Fall of 2011:
More Likely To Get Flu Being Near the Sick Than Touching Infected Items
Coffee Growers Take Note: Fungi Have Sex, Too
Fear Trumps Happiness in Vocal Cues
Cambridge, We (Almost) Had a Problem
Unexpected Forms of Life Found in Dead Sea

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