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I'm an Explorer, Engineer, Writer, Public Speaker, and Entrepreneur. I write about exploration, travel, and science. 

Any views expressed on this site are my own.  

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Liberation of an American Rocket Scientist (pending publication)

Most people spend their waning college days soaking in the sun, cruising into a degree, enjoying the last few months of freedom before entering the Real World. I decided to spend mine in Moscow. 

My journey began in the middle of the Russian winter, in a 2-bedroom apartment on Leninsky Prospekt on Moscow’s Garden Ring that I shared for four and a half months with two Russian scientists, a wall of exotic lizards and two howling (potentially gay) street cats. It ended with a bumpy train ride through the rainforests of mainland Malaysia to reach the ultra-clean Asian industrial mecca of Singapore after over 14,000 miles of overland travel. Along the way, my life was a medley of adventure, intrigue, internal conflict and a genuine passion to lead anything but an ordinary life. 

LARS is a modern American story reconnecting a distracted generation to the meaning of exploration.