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I'm an Explorer, Engineer, Writer, Public Speaker, and Entrepreneur. I write about exploration, travel, and science. 

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Garret Fitzpatrick is currently a Project Engineer at NASA's Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley. He works in the Biosciences Division, preparing science experiments for use on the International Space Station. He recently completed a Master of Science degree in Science Writing from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Fitzpatrick has served NASA as an engineer, hardware manager, and strategic communications / public outreach advocate since he began working at the Johnson Space Center as a co-op student in 2003. He most recently served JSC as a technical leader on NASA's Crew Protection Systems Engineering Team. 

As Deputy Subsystem Manager for the Space Shuttle Crew Escape Equipment, he co-led a technical team of engineers and suit technicians, ensuring Shuttle crew survival hardware kept astronauts safe during potentially catastrophic emergencies. He supported five Shuttle flights (STS-125, -129, -130, -131, and -133) as lead Crew Escape SSM and ten flights from operations centers in Houston. In addition, Fitzpatrick also served as the International Space Station Hardware Manager for the Portable Breathing Apparatus and Pre-Breathe Hose Assembly. In 2010, Fitzpatrick began leading an initiative to connect NASA's emergency survival hardware and skills to the emerging commercial spaceflight industry as NASA's Commercial Crew Launch/Entry Suit Lead.

Always an outspoken advocate for engaging his generation with the mission of human spaceflight, Fitzpatrick has been invited to speak at the Pentagon, the U.S. Naval Academy, Disney Imagineering and several NASA-sponsored events. 

Fitzpatrick holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Mechanics & Astronautics and a certificate in International Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has lived and studied in Ireland, Russia, and India and has traveled extensively around the world. In his free time, Fitzpatrick is writing a creative nonfiction book about his 2007, 14,000-mile overland journey from Moscow to Singapore.